6 Week Carb Cycling Meal Plan



Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting is a simple and highly effective and way to lose inches and gain muscle in a relatively short period of time.  Modern Homemade’s IF meal plan will help you incorporate delicious, healthy foods while achieving (and maintaining) your fitness goals. This meal plan is best paired with the science-backed, proven FASTer Way to Fat Loss program, as it teaches nutrition strategies and proven fitness regimens to quickly and measurably transform your body.

This 6-week meal plan includes everything you need to be successful: grocery lists, meal prep strategies, dinner recipes, and macros. It also includes ideas to arrange simple, healthy lunches from items you have on hand.

***After you submit payment through PayPal, make sure to click all the purple buttons to download the files. You should have access to Week 1 through Week 6 and the Macro Index. There you will be able to save files to your personal computer and/or print.