10 X 10 Tile Stencil


You can create a wide array of beautiful patterns with this one design. Just download, print, create template, and paint! Follow the instructions on this post.

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You do not have to live with your ugly tile or linoleum floor. You can paint it! This download includes stencil templates for 10 X 10 tiles. These can be painted on just about any surface, from ceramic tile, to walls,  to concrete floors, to linoleum. There are so many modern and fun patterns you can achieve with just this one stencil template. Simply print out the template, choose your pattern, and follow the instructions on this post.

If you don’t know the size you need, you can download ALL the sizes (6 X 6, 8 X 8, 9 X 9, 10 X 10) for $10.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure when you are printing the PDF that you print “to 100% scale”. If you do not, your stencil will not print to the right size.